Media Garden

An extensible media foundation designed for Orchard CMS.

New: Documents module enables Document Management in Orchard - available here

Disclaimer: Media Garden allows you to display media from a variety of sources in your Orchard website. In some cases media is embedded using standard mechanisms for doing so (example: embedding Youtube videos using the embed code they provide). In other cases it is possible that media is physically copied to your web server. If you do not have permission from the license holder to do so, then this would be considered illegal redistribution of copyrighted materials. The Media Garden team cannot be held accountable should perform such actions, and it is not an intended or supported usage of the system!

Note: This is now a partially working system but functionality is currently very limited. The project is here for learning and to look for additional team members but it is NOT recommended for production at this time. Some database and implementation details are still due to change, although things should be pretty stable now. So you are welcome to start building extensions but there will certainly be breaking changes coming up.

About the Media Garden

Media Garden is a set of extensions for Orchard CMS.

The system is designed around an extensible media pipeline. It is subdivided into a number of separate modules; a framework module, and a media module for each key Media "Stereotype": Video, Audio, Image, Embedded Content (Flash/Silverlight), Playlists. And you can always provide your own!

The main features being designed into the framework (and advantages over Orchard's built-in media handling) are:
  • The ability to pull in media content from a wide variety of Media Sources; uploading, feeds, FTP, or just inputting URLs
  • That media is then mapped to distinct content types irrespective of the source; so a Video is still a Video wherever it came from
  • Any number of media renderers / players can be supported but the system understands which players support what formats
  • Media Variations; we understand that there are different versions of the same content - different sized images for different views, or HD/SD video as examples - and you can increase the permutations with customisable variation parameters

Current Support

These are the features that are currently working in Media Garden:
  • Upload file or input external URL to import media
  • Images: standard web formats (JPG, PNG, GIF, ICO) - SVG coming soon
  • Video: HTML5 supported formats (WebM, Ogg Theora)
  • Documents: Download links with icons for DOC, PDF, XPS
  • Audio: HTML5 supported formats (WebM, Ogg Vorbis, MP3)
  • Note: If you upload e.g. an ogg file, there is currently no way for the system to determine whether it's video or audio. So you'll get both items created and have to delete the one that doesn't work. I've got various things planned to handle this better.
  • Players: FlowPlayer

Work to be done

We're looking for other developers interested in this project to help out or join our team. Current task list is as follows:
  • Completing the core framework; we just need finishing touches to the playlist mechanisms
  • Completing modules for each media type (Playlists and Embedded still required)
  • Creating media player modules for popular open source players (FlowPlayer done)
  • Building customized Media Garden player skins for open source players to distribute with our player modules
  • Building a demo website
  • Producing detailed documentation
  • Testing, feedback, feature suggestions
So there's still a lot to be done, please contact us if you want to help out with any of the above!

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