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Media Garden User Guide

This is extremely brief documentation until the system is finalised and I write something more detailed.

Setting Up

As well as enabling the Media Garden feature (in the Dashboard > Modules screen) you'll need to enable the features for media types you want to use. Currently there is "Audio", "Video", "Images", and "Defaults" (which gives you a Binary content type to use for e.g. download links to arbitrary files).

Creating Media

  • Go to the Dashboard
  • Click "Media Garden" in the LHS menu
You now have two options. You can Browse for a file to upload, or you can enter an internet URL or media path in the "Query" box.

If you enter * it will grab everything from the root media folder.

The "Path" textbox sets the upload path for an uploaded file. So please ignore it if you are just importing existing media!

You should now see a list of "source items" below the inputs. These aren't actual content items yet - just database representations of potential media items; although here they will display a preview so you can check they're working.

Now either click Import All, or check boxes for the items you want and Import Selected - and you now have the media in your Content menu! Each media item gets its own page to be viewed on, and you can display them in lists and get smaller summary views.

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