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Orchard, MediaGarden and Azure


Not 100% certain but it appears that MediaGarden (and collection of modules) aren't working right when used with Azure.

I built Orchard 1.4 with all of the MediaGarden modules and am running. I can upload an image,video, etc. and import it. However, when I go to 'Content' the image or video is not visible (red X for an image). When I dig a bit, I notice that the URL is wrong -- it has the URL to the site concatenated with the URL to blob storage (fully qualified to the image or whatever). This appears to be an bug. I looked quickly and it seemed it could be in UrlExtensions but I am not an Orchard knowledgable guy so I didn't mess with the code. Also, the URL to the blob is missing a
: (colon) after the protocol (https).

Any and all help is appreciated